Use the Range Mapper App below to view models of species ranges for current conditions and a range of projected climate scenarios. Species range models available in the app were produced as part of the SPARC project and comprise more than 110,000 plant and vertebrate species across the tropics. For a description of the modeling methodology, see Methods Documentation here.

Range Mapper Instructions:

Step 1: Choose Domain and Taxonomic Group to search and hit ‘Set Domain and Taxa’ button

Step 2: Select Species from dropdown menu or search for a scientific name, then hit ‘Select Species’ button

Step 3. Choose two range scenarios to display from the dropdown menus for Layer 1 and Layer 2, then hit ‘Select Scenarios and Plot Range’

Layer 1 will display as Purple and Layer 2 will display as Orange. Plotting a range may take 10-20 seconds.

To search for new species, domain, or taxa, repeat steps 1-3.

Range Mapper App