We're Looking for Pilot Countries!

The SPARC project is actively seeking opportunities to conduct our assessments in countries where planning for new protected areas is active and would benefit from a state of the science analysis of protected areas in response to climate change.  Please CONTACT US if you are interested in coordinating with the SPARC assessments. 


Spatial Planning for Protected Areas in Response to Climate Change (SPARC)

01. New 3-Year Project funded by The global environment facility (GEF) and Implemented by conservation international with many partner institutions.


02. will assess species and ecosystem responses to climate change to plan for effective protected areas and continued conservation. Focus on high biodiversity tropical realms that are under threat from human impact as well as climate change.

03. Will employ state of the science species models, ecosystem models, climate models and conservation planning tools to provide a comprehensive assessment for the tropics.

04. focused assessments in each of the three realms (neotropics; afrotropics; indo-malayan Tropics) will provide actionable information for real-world protected areas managers and decision makers.